Link Partners International

  1. We Write proposals for agency and project financing

We have an enviable success rate in writing successful proposals for NGOs, Government agencies and Local Government, Private sector and others.

  1. We Develop Bankable concepts for partnerships and events

An agency can’t sustainably rely on donors or funders alone. In order to attract alternative financing, we propose “attractive partnership and events concepts” as sources to generate funding.

  1. We Secure credit and equity financing;

Diversification of income sources requires one to explore other financing approaches. Our rich database has national and international public and private agencies that offer friendly and flexible credit facilities for agencies, projects and your enterprises. We advise you and help you to secure very flexible loans or equity.

Download our Fundraising and Financing Model >>

The commitment of any agency to secure additional financing is to establish a functional unit in charge. Call it a Resource mobilization/ Business Development/ Events and Partnership or Fundraising unit. We support agencies (NGOs, Universities, Central and Local Government units, religious and cultural institutions, Cooperatives) to establish, develop or strengthen their capacity to attract, secure and manage funding and financing. Such offices are empowered to lead in identifying, applying, securing and effectively managing resources.

See our Approach in establishing Grants and Fundraising Offices for Agencies.

Agencies must improve their internal structures and systems if they are to attract, secure or even successfully manage external financing. We help agencies do Strategic and Business Plans, develop policies and administrative tools and OCAs, ACAs as well as training the Board and staff. You can download;

  1. Organizational Capacity Assessment (to help assess your agency/ group)
  2. Advocacy Capacity Assessment (to assess your agency’s advocacy capacity)
  3. Training Agenda for Board of Directors
  4. Resource Mobilization and Grant Writing Training for Small and Medium Agencies

The Resource Mobilization and Award Improvement Niche (REMAIN) Project initiated by LINK Partners International Limited aims at increasing the resource based and revenue of Government Departments and private sector agencies. We do this by developing their capacity in identifying, applying, attracting, securing and effectively managing diversified external resources and 3rd party financing.

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