Link Partners International

Link Partners International Limited offers technical expertise in several fields including research and data analysis, surveys and community mobilization and empowerment strategy development. . Link Partners International Limited undertakes comprehensive and collaborative programmes of research, information dissemination, capacity building, integrated community services and health interventions, professional public speaking and presentations, policy, advocacy, field activities, project management and research study /program evaluation tools development with local, national, and international institutions. Link Partners International Limited is very active in the field, having worked in developing, implementing and evaluating research projects relating to maternal and child health, child survival and development, HIV/AIDS, adolescent health, infectious and epidemic disease prevention and control. Others are education and local government capacity building. The team and firm in general is particularly active in baseline, health systems research and development of training manuals. The firm has experience in operational and behavioral research. Research techniques that Link Partners International Limited regularly employs include sample surveys and statistical analysis, qualitative/quantitative data analysis, rapid appraisal, and participatory research methods.

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